Why we love product photography?

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24/02/2020 Fresh_Studio

Product photography

We in Fresh Studio love to shoot products. Product photography is our favourite type of photography. It is incredible, there is so much to it. It’s not just shooting things on a white background for a catalog or taking shots for an Amazon post. No! It is amazing, there are so many ways to bring out your creativity and express yourself to a way that you showoff a product. The shooting and the preparation are the most exciting part. Building sets and scenes, stylising the shoots are exciting! Playing around with different scenes, figuring out what works the best, playing with the light little bit is what makes it so interesting. Also product photography is really important when building a brand. Good high quality photos tell a whole lot about your brand and with that you communicate and attract costumers, create moods and feels about the brand.

Things that yield very good product photography are broken down into these segments:

1. Theme

Nailing the theme is the main part, building the set accordingly to a product and getting the mood right is what the product photography is all about. Depending on what the product is, you can play around and use different textures, different colours, different props, even different lighting as long as the set that is being build is set appropriate. Looking for a background that supports the theme, using light flairs and Photoshop to make the most out of your pictures is how you get the theme right.

2. Texture

When shooting a product it is the best to look out for a surfaces that match the product that you are shooting. Textures are so important, it’s the main thing that makes a photo look rich and inviting, it pulls you in a photo and tells a story. Getting it right makes you automatically feel good about the photo and creating a certain feeling of a product is what is it all about. Finding really good textures can be hard, you really need to try many different things to find something that works very good, but these little things, these details that can sometimes go unnoticed are what makes your photos unique, stand from the crowd and catch eyes.

3. Props

When building a scene you need to find props that work good with a main subject. Need to think what are the things that are going to work to make a picture more stylised. What are the things that are going to mix with the main subject good but not pull distraction from it. They can be out of focus elements or supporting elements for a flat lay photography but as it is with the theme and texture props need to be relevant to the main subjects of the shoot.

We in Fresh Studio are very passionate about product photography. Photography is awesome tool to show your products and present your brand. We hope these tips can help you with your photography and your brand, or if you don’t have enough time and will you can contact us and we can do it for you professionally.

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